80s Movies - Back to the Future

This is the start of a new series of 80s movie poster illustrations, this time centring around the great movies of the 1980s.  I'm actually old enough to have been a teenager in the 80s, so I remember in 1985 going to see this amazing new movie at the cinema called "Back to the Future".

I remember that everyone went NUTS over it, and even watching it today it still holds up.

In this poster, Ive picked out some classic elements to the story, and arranged them in a way that hopefully visually explains the central themes of the movie - I also added in some more subtle ideas, like the way that the lightning and the flaming tyre tracks go together to form the outline of the Flux Capacitor, key to Doc Brown's Time-Travelling DeLorean.

This Illustration is a different style to the previous movie posters, moving into a more limiting 'icon' styled approach. It was a real challenge, but I really enjoyed it - I'll definitely be carrying on the series with another classic movie soon.

Hope you like it.

Wayne Dorrington
November 5, 1855


Beer & Board Games

If you haven't tuned in to see Blame Society Production's excellent Beer & Board Games, then get clicking and watching. Its an excellent online show where four guys get together, play board games (or try to) whilst drinking many beers.

I've been hooked on it for a while, and I did the above illustration for them, highlighting one of the key moments in the recent series, where Dylan does his most bizarre drunken thing yet.


Hal Thompson: Expert

Blame Society Productions have created many great online shows, and one of my favourites is the excellent series with "Expert" Hal Thompson.

Surreal, hilarious and filled with Ham, the many shows that have starred Hal have been a joy to watch. My personal favourite is still the short-lived Fun Rangers, one if his first appearances together with his brother Cody.

On another quiet afternoon, I decided to create the above poster - a fantasy showing what a full-busget movie with Hal might be like. So, I put him in a post-apocalytic world, with a suitable strapline. Is Hal a victim of the apocalypse, or the cause? We don't know! 

Aaron Yonda at Blame Society, who looks a little like Hal, replied to me to thank me for sending it, and has also posted it onto the Hal Thompson Facebook page.


Welcome to the Basement

After being hooked on the excellent Beer & Board Games by Blame Society Productions, I then moved on to watch another of the cool online show called Welcome to the Basement.

Here Matt Sloan and Craig Johnson watch a movie each week from Matt's backlog of films he's never seen. Its a funny, intelligent and entertaining show that leaves you wanting to start seeing more movies yourself.

I sent them the above illustration, which I just did to fill a quiet afternoon, and was delighted when they replied and Matt decided to use it as the main title slide for their new series! Its already been used, so its a huge honour for me to have it actually appearing on the show.


I'm now also mentioned in the end credits of the show! Really cool!

Here's the titles is in use: