Pepetz - Attack of the Monster

Second Pepetz design - this time drawing attention to the terrible plight that innocent cookies endure, as they are ritually slaughtered in their hundreds by murderous blue furry monsters.

Its about time their voices were heard.  Poor little victimised (albeit delicious) things.

So think on.

Check it out in 3D here:


Pepetz Princess Maxeia

This is my Pepetz customisation entitled "Princess Maxeia" (the model used is called 'max').  This is my first attempt at creating graphics for a papercraft figure - I think it came out ok.  It didnt really need a tail, so I used it to put a couple of Leia props (her gun and the stolen Death Star plans disk.)


Movie Poster - Moneyball

As part of a presentation theme, I was asked by Beyond to create another movie poster for the baseball statistical classic: Moneyball.  I kept the composition simple, with just a silhouette of a player standing in a field, with baseball statistics overlaying him.  The main title is made using the same statistics.

On a geeky design not, the statistics I used are actual stats for one of the players featured in the story, for the correct period covered in the move.  Too much detail? Not something I comprehend.