Infographic: The Always-Connected Traveller

This is a new infographic I created at Beyond for Amadeus, this time focusing on their report outlining imortance of mobile technology in air travel.

Starting with the premise of a mobile phone as a base, I decided to buid a 3D journey path of a holiday round trip, annotating it with the key facts presented in the report.

It was all done with stock imagery and Adobe Illustrator.


Infographic: Super Injunction Super Highjinks

Beyond asked me to create an infographic to demonstrate their swanky new Twitter measurement tool, the T.I.E Score system. To promote it, they used the recent Ryan Giggs Super Injunction scandal as a demonstration, analysing Tweet activity and pulling out the key cotributors in spreading the gossip about the Twittersphere.

This is the design I came up with - my colleague Neil Fox contributed the concept of the changing room and the bra gag, and then left me to do all the actual work whilst he went swanning off on holiday with his family. Thanks Neil.


Illustration: Jellybeans

Here, for your information and enjoyment, I have provided a detailed guide for the avid Beanspotter.

In it you can discover the scientific names of literally ALL of the different colours of beans out there - there are no more, these are ALL of them.

Any others you may see or hear of are just lies to confuse you.

Enjoy this magical journey into educational bean-ness.


Beyond Wall Graphics

The Powers That Be at the the mighty Beyond asked me to come up with some wall graphics for our London Studio. After a bit of measuring and a few concept ideas, we settled on these designs, which feature many of our favourite things (gadgets, beer and London itself really). It was installed two days ago and has really added some colour to to the walls. My Illustration "Together We R Bynd" is also shown in situ, with an additional blank canvas ready to add new staff members. The shot below of someone standing behind the "London Gent" window artwork, is me.

More images after the break...