Illustration: Beyond Report Cover

Our head of SEO asked if I could quickly knock up an illustration for a report she was giving to a customer. The report outlined how the Advertising Standards Authority are now encompassing websites under their protection. We worked out this idea and worked it up - my colleague Neil Fox helped with the characters at the bottom and we were pleased with the results. 

Click the image to view larger:


Once Upon a Time, Far, Far Away No.1: Hansel & Greedo

Yep, its another Star Wars themed illustration. I know, I know - I should move on to another subject, but what can I say? The title of my blog explains it all. But in a departure from the more graphic Iconoscopes, I wanted to turn my hand to a more artistic style. I can't remember how or why I came up with the idea for the series (it was probably whilst vegging on the commute to work) but this one was the first that popped into my head for some reason.

My girlfriend Anna helped me brainstorm some more ideas, some of which made me laugh so I'll be doing those ones next.

For anyone interested, this was created in Adobe Illustrator just using a mouse. (I mean the peripheral, not a rodent).