Star Wars Episode V Retold in Iconoscope

Well, it was great fun doing Star Wars Episode IV Retold in Iconoscope, so after much digital sweating (and swearing) I've finally completed Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back.

In doing this one,  you realise how much more complex and in-depth the story was compared to first movie. The narrative is split into several sub-stories and keeps jumping between them - plus, in the first move there were virtually no costume changes for the main characters - but in this one, each had several, all of which are iconic.

But, I hope I've got it pretty much there. The plot is correct (it was from memory) but apologies if some some of the narrative jumps come in slightly the wrong places.

This one is also twice as long to get all the plot in - I tried cutting it down to a shorter length, but it then didnt make sense, so in the end I created two parts to make it a little more manageable to "read". (Is that what you do with icons? Who knows). So, read/view/engage your ocular senses after the break to see it all.


Infographic: Is Mobile Really That Important in Digital Promotion?

Beyond asked me to create an infographic so this is what I came up with.

We recently discoverd the excellent website which details some great data on mobile useage.

I picked out some interesting facts and created this.

And yes, those are the same style people icons that the Iconoscopes are based on.


Infographic: American Express International Trade Condifence

Beyond were asked to create an infographic for American Express to promote data from their report on International Trade Confidence. After discussions, I opted to go with a "customer journey" style design, pulling out data points along the way. The finished infographic was distributed by American Express across the UK, USA and Australia.


My new Business Cards are in...

Beyond let me supply the graphics for the front of my business cards. What were they thinking of??


Illustration: Together We R Bynd

Beyond, having moved into a shiny new office, needed some atwork to start decorating the walls. I started with this one, an illustration representing all of the staff currently working in the studio. (Im the one that's just a forehead with glasses and a beard.)

NEW: This is now installed in our London Office - you can see the photos (As well as the rest of the Wall Artwork) on the Wall Art Blog Page here


Infographic: Navigating the Airport of Tomorrow

Beyond were asked by Amadeus to create an new infographic to accompany a report they have published investigating the technology available in the airport of tomorrow. I developed this illustration to quickly outline the key areas of technology in a clean and simple style.